Who's this course for?

Our fear-free behavioral course was created to help owners better understand why their dog may be experiencing aggression or anxiety, and to give them the tools they need to help their dog overcome these problems.

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What's included with this course?

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Intro to Fear-Free Behavior Training

    • Course Trailer

    • Christine's Story

  • 02

    Positive Reinforcement Training: What is it & why all the treats?

    • Introduction to R+ Training

    • The Story of Dominance

    • What is Positive Reinforcement?

    • Do I need a clicker?

    • Core Skills

    • Look

    • Touch

    • “The Name Game” pdf

    • Come When Called

    • Stay

    • “Stay” pdf

    • Leave It

    • "Leave It" pdf

  • 03

    Anxiety & Aggression

    • What is FAS?

    • Guide to FAS

    • Video: Dog Body Language 101

    • Common Risk Factors for FAS

    • What about crate training?

    • Ways to Alleviate FAS

  • 04

    Socializing Your Dog

    • What is a socialized dog, exactly?

    • Choice & Consent

    • Dog Day Care or Playdates?

    • Dog Playdate Example

  • 05

    Take a walk

    • Good vs. Bad harnesses & collars

    • The dangers of "training" collars

    • "Sniffari"

    • Walking on a loose leash

    • Walking and moving: Training as enrichment

    • Make your walks great

  • 06

    Common Dog Behavior Challenges

    • Mine, mine, mine! I Resource Guarding

    • Don’t Leave Me! Isolation Distress & Separation Anxiety

    • Excessive Barking

    • What does humping really mean?

  • 07

    More from Fear Free

    • Socialization

    • Fear Free: Separation Anxiety - Part 1

    • Fear Free: Separation Anxiety - Part 2

    • Fear Free: Crate Training Lesson

  • 08

    PDFs for Download

    • Basic skills games

    • A Fulfilled Dog is a Happy-Dog

    • Enrichment Games

    • “The Name Game”

    • “Stay”

    • Guide to FAS

    • Letter To Vets Puppy Socialization

  • 09

    Chat Live with your instructor

    • Schedule a Live Chat!

What You'll Need

  • Clicker

  • Small Treats

  • Leash

  • Harness

Course Pricing

Christine Pazdalski

Behavioral Trainer

Christine became a certified professional dog trainer in 2005, with a mission to replace force-based training with humane, scientifically supported, positive methods of training and addressing behavioral problems in our companion animals. Whether your dog has aggression or separation anxiety, on-leash reactivity or inter-pet conflicts, Christine can help you out.